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Game Player and All Around Jerk

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How sad is it that I have been so busy, I haven’t blogged in nearly a year!  This past year has been so hectic and its 4:25 in the morning right now.  My last show date this year is tomorrow and I scrambling.  And you know why I’m here at this time??  Cause some jack ass called me at 3:45 to contest a charge on his card he knows he made.   He called me the other day at this time too!  Wanting to tribute the “owner”.  I told him that was “Carla”  ~smirks~

So fuck face goes on about how he is a cash pig etc. and I told him he would have to call back at 9:00 to catch her.  My bad!!  He ended up catching poor Hailey who he promptly drove nuts!  Of course he was jerking off the whole time he was talking to her about paying tribute.  He gave half his card info and she was able to process it which made his ass pucker.  She charged him 20.00 just to make sure the charge would clear and hung up.

So this guy calls back this morning, saying he spoke to his bank, used the money elsewhere and he needs his money back.  Cash Pig my ass.  I asked his name and he says it was Ryan Andrews, which I doubt but I’m sure this pattern of charging and credits has been going on with him a very long time.  I did credit him and blocked him from calling dispatch ever again.  I really hate losers like this and generally don’t ever post about their crap.  However, it is fuck o’dark hundred in the morning and now, I’m cranky.  Eat my ass Ryan Andrews.

So if any other site ever has issues with this guy, now you have a history on him.



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