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Adult Baby Sale!

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The Attempted Sale of an Adult Baby

ABDL phone sex As much as I love all my adult babies, some can be very expensive to keep. I have a wonderful little boy who is smart, precocious, can be naughty at times but is full of love. Sadly, I find it hard to keep him as he is very demanding of my time and his Aunties. He needs some spankings but for the most part can be corrected with a stern look. This is for his own good as I worry that the next time Auntie Hailey tries to drown him, she will succeed. She has “tendencies”.

He needs time I can no longer afford without compensation and not sure the state would cover support for him. I really do not wish to sell him but unless something changes, I will be forced to find a new home for him. He comes with a birth certificate, set of blocks (used), paci, highchair, crib and assorted diddees.

If you are interested, please contact me for more information. I will have him up on eBay by the end of the week unless SOMEONE helps supplement the income needed to keep him in food and diapers. I love my baby boy but must do what’s best for him and those around him.

Deepest Appreciation,


Mommy Sydney

866-930-0008 X301


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