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Phone Sex Biography for Sydney

Phone SexHello boys. Welcome to my personal blog site. I have been in the phone sex industry since 04′. When I started I prided myself on being open minded and honestly, well versed in sex and sensuality. Over the years I came to realize just how naive I was! Along my journey in the world of phone sex, I have learned so much more and now provide you the chance to experience it like I did.

I’m caught between wanting to give you all the seedy little details and not knowing what you really want to know. I try to be as real as I can for all my callers. I often like to share personal details in my blog to give you a chance to know me better and in a more human way; not just a voice at the other end of the phone line.

For now, lets talk sex and all the kinky fun. I have a fun loving spirit and a kinky side too. I’m not a submissive however but have what I like to call an aggressive personality. Through my time as a PSO, I have made great connections with many of my callers. I love your secrets, your turn-on’s, and all those things that make you tick. I want to hear you gasp with pleasure and that is the biggest turn-on for me and while guys always ask for my stats or ASL (usually if they are young or new to the game) and I can easily post them but I won’t. I would rather talk to you in our Phone Sex Chat room and get to know you better and you to know me.

So come into the Phone Sex Bar Chat room and meet me and my friends.