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Chat Room Phone Sex Sites

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Chat Room phone sex sites and those who become friends

Chat RoomI was hanging in the chat room of THE PHONE SEX BAR the other day. The guys were talking about how they loved being in my blog and those of my sexy girlfriends. We have some of the best guys in the world when it comes to phone sex sites. There are those we consider regular callers and chat friends. This is not to say the rest of the men are not as hot but there is a handful that will hang out with us and step up when needed. They help above and beyond getting us off on the phone. Guys like Daxie, Super Perv, Ass Pirate, Rockmonster, and Icewine to name a few. Each has their own kinky fetish or turn on and that’s what makes it so fun!

We have Sexy Sissies and Panty boys, Cross dressers, tit men and ass men, age play guys, subbie boys and Doms, tease and denial guys. I love talking to them because they make me laugh. They have become more than phone sex callers, they are friends too. There are ABDL guys like Dennis who cracks me up but can get under everyone’s skin sometimes. But what can you expect from a guy who is 2? You can read more about him on Sydney’s Nursery.

Anyway, come meet more of the new girls in chat and lets get better acquainted. There is always room for more sexy men and I’m ready to have some fun.

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  1. Robbie - July 8, 2013

    Hmmm, I am missing Robbie in your blog. ….

    Ps. Still feeling a lot of needs ..

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