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I’m finally done!! For those who have been patient over the past few months with my personal project, thank you. I have missed the freedom of talking and playing whenever I felt like it. I took some pictures of the process and the final event in which so many were helped to have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Many people took part in making this happen.

Starting in September, my mom and I began the “cooking” as my girlfriends at The Phone Sex Bar call it. First weekend of each month of September, October and November, we bake for a Christian based food pantry. I suppose that seems odd considering however, it’s to help feed so many who have been displaced or struggling during these rough times. To add, we also start cooking turkeys; LOTS OF TURKEYS!! We de-bone, roll and roast them. Then they are vacuum sealed until the holiday.

The bones are used to make soup! So far, over 150 gallons have been provided off the meat from the turkey bones. Lots of veggies are added to bulk up the soup for nutritional needs. As you can see, lots of soup!! This process is not done yet for the season but we do get to take a lil break for a couple weeks.

Anyway, once the Holiday arrives the turkey is pulled from the freezer and thawed. Then I hand slice it for the meals we make and that is 200 pounds of meat!! Each meal we make has 1 lb. of Turkey each. It has stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and apple/cranberry crisp for dessert. They are packaged up and bagged to be handed out.
But to add to that, other groups of people are boxing up goods and fresh turkey to hand out to whole families! I have taken pictures to give a better understanding of the huge undertaking so many did and of all the contributions made from outside sources to make this possible. The cooking I and my mom do is a small portion. Take a peek! People helping to pass out food and cars lined up to receive. So many people needing help.

Boxes filled with food to hand out to families

So my investment of time is over mostly now but it’s an ongoing process over all. All I know is I get to get back to what I enjoy and that’s the sexy calls I get from everyone. Mind you they didn’t stop cold and thankfully those that did call me, pulled me through and gave me some sweet spots in the work schedule. Thank you for that!! I will be looking forward to fucking all of you more often now! LOL God I love my job!!

Hugs and kisses,


  1. Sydney
    As a preachers daughter I can only say I am so proud to work along
    side of you. You have a big heart and are one special lady.
    BUT if you EVER decide to leave for any reason again, please take the
    Hailey with you.
    Love Always,
    Hailey J

  2. That’s awesome! Congrats! =)

  3. Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you and how happy I am to know a caring person like you.Thank you for all you do!!

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