Lingerie Fetish & Obession

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How much are you willing to spend on your Lingerie Fetish?

Linger FetishAs with most women, I have a Lingerie “Fetish” or obsession to some extent. I’m addicted to beautiful things that make me feel sexy beyond what any words can possibly describe. I can spend hours looking through magazines or web sites, admiring and adding to my personal wish list. Having some sewing talent, I often think I can design some of my own to wear but never truly get around to it. I suppose that’s how most famous brand names get started only they follow through!

This Lingerie Fetish is not just limited to women. Many of my Sissy’s, Crossdressers and Panty boys, also love the look and feel if such gossamer garments! But like most of us, we live on a limited income so spending on pricey panties is not always condusive to to achieving our goal; a extensive panty drawer!

So while taking one of my day trips through the world of Lingerie, I visited Mr. Pearl again. He makes the corsets for Dita Von Teese and other celebrities. The man has a 18 inch cinched wasp waist and wears his own creations daily! Now that is a Lingerie Fetishist!! I have also taken time to browse the most expensive Lingerie sites available. In my opinion, they are a waste of time. They are sites designed to be “artistic” and beautiful but totally worthless. The Lingerie themselves are unattractive to me. They are over prices bands of fabric with little to no imagination. You are merely paying for a name and nothing more.

But true creators like Mr. Pearl, make things of sexy beauty. I will never be able to afford one of those items but I’m ok with that. However, this is not about Pearl, this is about Lingerie. Girls like me can buy from Victoria’s or any other shop we want. I have a few favorites of mine and without sounding snobby, I prefer to do my own shopping for those items. But for Sissy’s, Crossdressers and my panty boys, you need shops that can help you with your sizing needs and make you feel as elegant as the items you choose to wear. Lingerie Fetish and those who love it, know every stitch, every type of lace, every line of boning so compromise is not an option. It must be affordable and beautiful.

The price of an item does not necessarily reflect the quality or beauty of it. Some things like La Perla are, in my opinion, over prices for nothing more exciting that I can find in the average store. So make sure you shop wisely and stretch those pennies so you can fill your panty drawer! Sexy is what it’s about, not pricey.


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