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My Phone Sex Callers

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It goes without saying that I have some incredibly hot phone sex callers. If you are not already familiar with them, I will re-introduce them.

Ian – My resident Ass Pirate inThe Phone Sex Bar chat room! Ian loves to surf the net and watch porn but when he is ready, he comes looking for my ASS!! Silken Escorts is always happy to send a girl his way or perhaps the front desk of the hotel or Concierge (me) will go to his room to find out what his needs are. Usually end up with my clothing ripped off and my mouth fucked hard and deep. Only after he has gotten his cock good and wet will he toss me on the bed to fuck my ass!! Once is never enough for the Ass Pirate so he will come and get a second round in due time. I love a man who knows what he wants!

Matt – Spanky as I like to call him is a quiet phone sex lover but he gives as good as he gets. Mmm..some hot cock sucking, a bit of ass teasing and before you know it, a slap to someone’s ass is bound to happen. I love when I slap his ass and he twitches a bit but he never fails to get even and if he is fucking me at the same time, he can feel my pussy clench around his cock with each slap. It’s the “sleepers” that are the most surprising!

Hung – Now I respect the privacy of others but when a name is unusual, well all you will get is the chat name from me! Hunginpanties is a very sexy man! We talked a few years back when I was with another place and he stumbled upon the Bar, finding me again. I have to say I’m sooo glad he is back with us. Hot and sexy and all the girls love him oodles!!

Wolfie – Now Wolfie never comes into chat and honestly, he doesn’t call on the phone anymore. We do cyber sessions so he can play safely at work. I have to say, it’s a wicked turn on to know he is getting off with me then and there. Our role-plays usually include some encounter that has lead up to some hot sex which turns a bit wild. I love knowing how hot he is and both of us coming all over the place!!

I’m going to take a wee break now. I have so many more to tell you about like Leather Boot, Kevin, Shylawsub, Evie, Bill and Victor. But a girl can only do so much remembering without getting good and wet all over. So I will continue with more later.

Keep up with my phone sex blog and come join the fun!! Me and my sexy friends would love to eat you ..I mean help you whenever we can. ~winks~


  1. Bitch_Boy - September 24, 2012

    MMMMMM will u be on in about 30?

    Bitch Boy

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