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Sexual Phone Fantasies

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Everyone has their own Sexual Phone Fantasies

Phone Sex FantasyHello boys…~winks~  I just love saying that.  I can hear Angelina Jolie using that line in one of her movies. Anyway, I have much to catch up on!! I had promised Jordan I would post about his kinky fetish. Now some of you may be squeamish so cover your balls and let me tell you a story. You see Jordan has this friend named Frankie. Frankie just loves to fuck Jordan almost every day. Practically begs for it!! Jordan gets his ass licked as well as his cock and his ass reamed by dear dear Frankie. However, things went awry when Jordan slapped some peanut butter on his cock for Frank to lick off. Seems he got carried away and bit him! Here is Jordan’s own words

“He has started biting at it though and bit down hard enough to cause an internal rupture a couple days ago. Doctors were not sure at first if they’d be able to save my cock. Now it looks like ill have scar tissue in my urethra that will cause ejaculation to be extremely painful for the rest of my life.”

Did I mention Frankie is his dog? This K-9 duo may be on hold for awhile!! LOL You might meet him sometime in our CHAT ROOM on The Phone Sex Bar. Be sure to woof at him.

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