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What more can I do for you, Mistress?

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I needed my Mistress to take control of me today. I contacted her and she immediately took that control. She had me bind my balls and cock. Then I was to dress in my purple garter set with pink and white teddy and panties. I was told to get all my toys out and my special new item, then call her. I did she punished me right from the start.

Taking a wooden spoon then a belt to my balls and my  bum for her. Then she allowed me to jerk, before  directing me to take my lifelike dildo into my slut mouth. Then the new item was used, the Bengay. I was to put on my nipples spank then then clip them. It really heated me up beyond belief. Then I had to put on my ass cheeks for her, then it too was spanked with the belt, the heat intensifying with each swat of the belt. Could not believe the heat, I still can feel it now a day later.

She then put me on my knees bending and arching over the edge of the bed. I was made to take the 7 ½ inch life-like dildo and balls into my ass while stoking with identical pace. She made me beg to cum as she continued to take me hard.  I envisioned that  she was behind me as I continued for her, deeper and deeper until the balls of the toy were pouncing against my bound balls. For my reward,  I was allowed to cum, but thankfully not on my face and mouth this time.

I still can feel all of our session today.  I need again….soon.  Thank you Mistress Sydney.

Written by Dannydo

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